In accordance with Tantric traditions, Healing Touch Tantra represents an individual approach. It is a touch treatment which activates self-healing in your body.

Tantra involves an open-minded, relaxed and creative approach to life, moreover it teaches you to perceive your life as a never-ending journey. Healing Touch Tantra massage assists you in achieving this relaxed attitude to life without any pain or physical limitations, emotional baggage and mental or emotional distress.

The therapist harmonizes your body and internal organs through conscious touches of energy pathways, energy points, marma pressure points and applying other bio-energy techniques. Furthermore, it helps raise the energy level of particular cells which are then transformed to different vibrations.

Healing Touch Tantra treatment is based on strengthening the connection between body and mind. If you transform your body you influence your emotions and thoughts as well. The spiritual path integrates body, mind and soul into a conscious whole and therefore the body, as well as the mind and the soul are fully nourished. Over time, this healing process helps us live a more balanced and authentic life.

Physical results include:

  • pain relief,
  • relax chronically tight muscles,
  • reduce the stress,
  • improve your lymphatic and blood circulation system,
  • strengthen your immune system,
  • enhance recovery after surgery or injury,
  • balance energy in your body and internal organs and improve their performance.

MENTALLY, after raising your energy you will feel relaxed, have a clear head and be emotionally sound, more focused on the present, you will also be able to cope with daily situations easier and feel more open to discovering a deeper meaning of your being.

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