Mgr. Hana Marčišová

Co-founder of the Prague Studio Yogata. She graduated with political science degree and afterwards she earned a master´s degree in physiotherapy. Currently, Hana is doing postgraduate research on Autonomic Nervous System at Motol Hospital. When working with the body she always feels a deep interconnection between the mind and the body. Over time Hana has realized that exercise, touch and body-work positively influence our quality of life. Hana is a HTT therapist with experience that dates back to 1999 and she has a phenomenal ability to combine physiotherapy and massage. Hana is an instructor of Yogalates, Yoga, and Pilates, she does breathing and relaxation exercises and moreover, she is one of three Chi Nei Tsang certified therapists – specializing in abdominal massage – in the Czech Republic.

Ing. Bc. Ivana Jungová

Co-founder and co-owner of the Prague Studio Yogata. She graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology, however she has never worked as a technologist. Immediately after her graduation, Ivana went on to work with her major interests, namely health, nutrition, exercise and massage which in turn positively influenced her state of health. Thereafter, she earned a bachelor´s degree in Nutrition Therapy at the First Faculty of Medicine, at Charles University in Prague. In 2000 when Ivana first came across and experienced HTT and its positive healing influence personally, she took massage and Healing Touch Tantra courses. Ivana is an instructor of Yogalates and Pilates, she organizes cooking courses, offers individual nutrition consultancy and last but not least, she is proficient in providing full body lymphatic drainage massage and anti-stress head and facial massage.

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