What goes on during the massage and what can I expect?

Before the massage itself, the therapist asks you several questions to assess your current difficulties and find out what you want to accomplish. Then you disrobe, lie down on the massage bed and then covered with blankets the massage starts. This massage combines physical touch (i.e. touching muscles, joints, tendons) and energy (chakras, acupuncture or marma points, etc.). All in all, your body energy starts to circulate. Try to be relaxed and focused. After the massage is over, the therapist turns the music down and leaves you alone. Then you have a couple of minutes left to absorb the treatment before getting dressed.

Shall I prepare for the massage somehow?

It is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol and other similar dehydrating substances at least one day before the massage. Furthermore, to absorb the treatment properly we recommend not eating heavy meals, drinking coffee or energy drinks. You should keep a light diet and drink a lot that day (preferably water).

The word Tantra, I am a bit confused, I am not looking for any erotic experience. Where exactly do you touch the body?

It is not about any erotic experience and you do not need to be naked and can wear anything you want. However, skin contact is more effective and pleasant, most people wear underwear and the body is covered by blankets. Western interpretations of traditional Tantra deliberately connect Tantra with sex in order to sell it better. In fact, they abuse the Tantric tradition. The therapist will not touch any of your intimate zones. The aim is to harmonize your body, evoke self-healing, calm your mind and integrate inner peace into your life.

Can I cancel the appointment?

We understand that unpredictable events can happen, however, take into consideration that there is no fee when the appointment is cancelled 1 day (24 hours) in advance. Then we can offer the free slot to anybody else. If you cancel later, we charge 50% of the price. If you are no show, full price will be charged. If it is an extreme circumstance and you are a reliable client we can make agreement.

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Not now, you can pay only in cash or via wire transfer prior to your request.

How often shall I take the HTT massage?

It is individual. It depends on what you want to achieve. If you do not have any serious problems, but you only need to restore your body energy, sort your thoughts and clear a bit your inner self, we recommend taking the HTT massage once a month.
If you have any life difficulties with a heavy load, it is highly recommended to intensify the appointments so the body is able to recover from the stress more easily.
If you feel really exhausted and you have not restored your body at all and there are first signs of distress, plan a long-term sessions – in such cases we recommend in the beginning to make massage in shorter time intervals – e.g. 3 massages per 3 weeks and then regularly once a month. Because each body differs, we suggest discussing the frequency with the therapist at first.

What shall I do to extend the effect of the massage?

That is a very good question! You should know that during and even after the massage your body works at full power to be able to regenerate. Therefore it is recommended drinking enough water, keeping a light diet, and avoiding any stress and physical exercises. If your body feels tired, listen to it and go to bed. From the psychological point of view – try planning your session thoroughly. Avoid any activities such as hurrying back to work or to a meeting. Take your time to explore your thoughts and feelings that have emerged. You should also avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other energy drinks as well as heavy meals and stress (physical and mental) for next few days.

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