"I honestly considered the massage exceptional. I felt like I could feel the touch from the inside out."

Lenka K. (graphic designer)


"I would love to share my experience with those who still hesitate to pamper themselves in Studio Yogata. My son gave me a Yogata voucher of my choice as a Christmas present. To be honest, I did not know what to do with it. I felt ashamed of my rather plump body, therefore I was self-conscious and suddenly I received the voucher! I was still postponing my visit, however as soon as the voucher was about to expire, I mustered my courage and went for it. I would have never believed the HTT therapy is so powerful if I had not experienced it firsthand. Even today I do not understand how the treatment could improve my insomnia by 100% almost instantly (no drugs including antidepressants had ever helped me). It also relaxed muscles and above all balanced my mental state by the only mere touch. In fact, it is not important to ask how and why. The result is worth a try! Personally, I highly recommend the pleasant environment of Studio Yogata and above all they have a responsive and professional approach to clients."

Jitka Tejmarová (retiree)


"It was a very pleasant and relaxing massage. Sometimes I could even feel energy flowing. Moreover, what I appreciated the most was the possibility of talking about my feelings with the therapist directly after the massage."

Petra F. (CSO director)


"My first impression after this massage could be described as a very pleasant pampering of both body and soul. Additionally, I have attended these sessions more or less regularly over the last nine months and I feel much better now. I know that the therapist knows my psychological and physical problems, therefore my illness does not bother me so much at the moment and I am able to recognize fatigue and assess my energy. I am able to feel what my body needs. Feelings of anxiety and fear have disappeared as well as the feeling of a heavy rock sitting in my stomach. I feel much calmer and I am able to cope with my illness. Thank you."

Jana S. (Translator)


"A unique massage. Massage in Studio Yogata is based on concentration and understanding of the human body. Therapists can easily recognize the state of your body and mind by gently touching the backbone and then choosing the most appropriate massage for you. Knowledge of energy pathways as well as the interest in holistic body therapy means that the massage is not just about kneading tight muscles, but it is also about healing the body. The massage covers the entire body, from head to toe. Most importantly, the massage makes sense!
Whether having dislocated several ribs, feeling worn out or coming down with something, I leave Studio Yogata upright, easy, calm and balanced. For that I thank you."

Jana Krchová, (HR specialist)

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